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Rehabs in Tulsa

Rehabs in Tulsa

Located in the northeastern part of Oklahoma, Tulsa County is the most densely populated area in the state. Tulsa is the seat, with a population of 413,066. It is the second largest city in OK.

The region has the highest income in the state. It is home to the largest companies, including energy, aerospace, and other sectors. This is also the hub for healthcare institutions, including rehabilitation centers as well.

How to Find Rehabs in Tulsa County?

Despite a suitable work environment and developing businesses, the problem of drugs and alcohol impacts the lives of locals. It has high rates of drug and alcohol addiction.

The statistics for 2016-2020 show there were 641 overdose deaths. Hence, the province has the 28th highest death rate. Moreover, this issue is recorded among men and women. The most common substances used are:

  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamine
  • Cocaine
  • Morphine
  • Fentanyl

If you or your loved ones are suffering from addiction, searching for the best Tulsa County rehabs is a must. The city and the surrounding areas provide a wide range of clinics. Your choice can be based on the amenities you are looking for. The nearby providers offer recovery that suits adults and teenagers.

Admission and Evaluation for Substance Abuse

In general, any rehabilitation process starts with proper assessment. Unless a person is in a life-threatening situation, he/she has to contact rehab. Most of the facilities admit patients based on referrals. This could be family members, counselors, or social service agencies.

The clinic uses evaluation to determine what is going on with a person. Besides, it helps a doctor understand if a patient needs a co-occurring disorder treatment. It usually consists of two parts. First, there is an initial screening to understand if there is a substance misuse problem. Secondly, the specialist defines a problem and diagnosis. A treatment plan is designed based on these recommendations.

Recovery Options

Once the assessment is over, it is time to determine the right program. This is either residential care under 24/7 medical supervision or outpatient therapy. Let’s check the differences between them.


An inpatient program suggests a person stay in the center 24/7. The minimum length of stay is around a month and a half. The individual lives in a facility and gets medical aid.

In particular, the plan includes attending group and individual sessions. The recovery typically starts with detox. This stage has to be supported by certified medical staff. Facilities such as GRAND Addiction Recovery Center also offer medically assisted treatment.


Outpatient therapy is for those who do not have severe dependence. It is also suitable for those stepping down from residential care or detox. The sessions usually last several weeks, however, the plans depend on individual needs. Although you are not under supervision during the day, it is an effective way to break free from addiction. Group therapy is an evidence-based treatment to overcome substance use disorder.

Specialized Addition Facilities in Tulsa County

There are also specialized clinics like Palmer’s women and children center. It has teenager and adult programs. The focus is also on pregnant or parenting women. It can accommodate children with mothers and provide comprehensive rehabilitation.

Equally important, such hospitals can cure co-occurring diseases. Mental health therapy and domestic violence counseling are among the services.

Payment and Insurance

Before calculating how much it will cost, you must decide what amenities you need. The services and geographic location depend on the price tag. Luckily, most clinics accept insurance. Some of them even offer to verify private insurance online. You just inform the center about your insurance provider and enter policy information. They will contact them to see if you can get help for free.

In addition, Medicaid may completely remove or reduce costs. Though, you have to check if Medicaid works for your facility. If it does, you will have to wait in a queue as they are in high demand.