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Rehabs in Canadian

Rehabs in Canadian

Canadian County is located in the central part of the US, state of Oklahoma. Its administrative center is in El Reno. According to the 2019 US Census, the region’s population was 148,000. Hence, it is the fifth most populous region in OK. 

The issue of substance abuse disorders in Canadian county is gradually affecting the health and well-being of society. Since the beginning of the US drug crisis in the early 2000s, drug abuse and overdose have become a serious issue in OK. According to the report of County Health Rankings and Roadmaps, between 2015 and 2019, there were 47 drug deaths in the region. 

This statistic shows a certain number of people that haven’t received necessary medical treatment. So, the state created drug and alcohol rehabs in Canadian County, Oklahoma. 

Admitting that you are struggling with an addiction is a major step toward recovery. Read on to find the proper facility that will help you to recover and reach sobriety. 

Available Treatment Options 

The number of people that are struggling with substance misuse disorders is increasing day by day. Rehabs in Canadian County, Oklahoma provide professional services that help the addicts to overcome dependency. These services include detox, substance abuse evaluation, inpatient and outpatient programs, aftercare, etc.  

Substance Abuse Evaluation 

Proper assessment and evaluation are vital in finding a rehab that best suits your needs. Different professionals are engaged in this process. So, with a complete examination, they determine if there is an addiction and what is its severity.  Moreover, this procedure helps to create effective recovery plans. 


According to SAMHSA, there are over 20 detox centers in Oklahoma. They ensure the safe removal of toxins from the body. No one should pass this procedure without professional supervision. That is to say, detox brings unpleasant and even deadly withdrawal symptoms.  So, it does not cure but supports overcoming withdrawal symptoms and alleviates early cravings. 

Inpatient Program 

Canadian inpatient centers provide a safe and substance-free environment for the individuals seeking support. They require patients to stay at the facility. Besides, the length of the program varies from four weeks to six months according to the condition of the patient. 

This type of care is for severe addictions and also helps to cure co-occurring disorders. It includes individual or group therapies, 12-step plans, aftercare, etc. Thus, its costs are typically higher. 

Outpatient Program 

This type of care has the lowest level of engagement. It is suitable for addictions of lower intensity and in their early phases. Moreover, it is designed for those who have already completed inpatient therapy. 

Outpatient care gives more flexibility to its patients, as they don’t need to stay at the hub. They visit the hub 3-4 times a week for several hours. Then, they return to their homes. So, they can work or study and get care at the same time. 


Some people realize that they have substance abuse disorders, however, they don’t apply for the treatment, because of the high costs. Several factors form the price of the rehab: 

  • The type of the care 
  • Duration of the program 
  • Amenities that the facility provides 
  • Medicines that the center uses during the healing procedure

However, most rehabs accept private insurance plans. Just check your insurance plan. The latter may provide full or partial coverage. Moreover, it is also possible to apply for Medicaid and Medicare. Military or tribal insurance is also acceptable.

Some facilities have state financing. They provide care at low costs or no cost at all. Addicts may also use flexible financing, loans, or scholarships. There should be certain criteria and you have to meet them.

Available Treatment Centers Near Me 

Red Rock Behavioral Health - Canadian County

7777 E. Hwy 66
El Reno, OK - 73036
(405) 422-8800

Alcohol Training and Education Inc

3160 North Portland Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK - 73112
(405) 943-7483

Red Rock Behavioral Health - Kingfisher

107 N. Main St.
Kingfisher, OK - 73750
(405) 776-0500

Red Rock Behavioral Health - Yukon

1501 Commerce St
Yukon, OK - 73099
(405) 354-1928