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Rehabs in Jackson

Rehabs in Jackson

Spanning 2,082 square miles across Oklahoma, Jackson County is home to sightseeing spots like the Museum of the Western Prairie and Great Plains State Park. With an approximate population of approximately 26,446 residents, it is one of the safest and calmest places to live.

It's a growing and rapidly flourishing center with a rich historical background. For years, the local economy has been based on agriculture. Locals have always been deeply into farming, from cotton to corn, wheat, and hay.

In addition to various advantages and positive aspects, there's an effective strategy for combating drug addiction. Rehabs in Jackson County play a significant role in fighting against substance abuse and protecting the residents from its devastating consequences.

Addiction Rates in Oklahoma

The local authorities previously reported over 733 overdose deaths from 2019 to 2020. While these numbers seem outdated, the cases continue to increase. Most cases have been attributed to methamphetamine (470 deaths) and opioids (266 deaths).

Jackson County is the 24th with the highest substance abuse death rate across the state. There were over 26 unintentional death cases from 2016 to 2020.

Jackson County Rehab Options

Substance use disorder is a chronic disease that, by all means, should not be neglected. Whenever society unites to fight, even a single life saved from overdose death is a victory. While this needs effective and professional treatment, various rehab centers are ready to offer their patients complex support.

Inpatient Care

This is the highest level of treatment, offering those looking for help 24/7 care and support. Almost all inpatient programs are gender-specific. This helps everyone focus on recovery and fight sensitive issues in a safe rather than distracting environment.

Inpatient programs usually last a minimum of 28 days with patients closed in the center. While some people are forced to take drugs from stressful home conditions, inpatient care frees them from this environment, helping them see that life can be different without an addiction.

Outpatient Care

Living at home while attending daytime or evening group therapies - that's the central idea behind outpatient care. As a rule, a typical program includes 9-15 hours of group meetings per week. Such sessions help people get rid of community stereotypes and judgment. Building connections with a supportive network helps establish self-confidence and the belief that without drugs is better than

Oklahomans can get free naloxone kits from the OKImReady website. This is essential first-aid support for you or your beloved one to get a chance to make it to the nearest emergency room.

JC Memorial Hospital

This is a private rehab located in Altus, Oklahoma. The hospital provides customized treatment to patients suffering from mental health issues. Here you will receive extended assistance and advanced guidance in the following spheres.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

It's one of the most common and effective methods to treat mental health issues. The hospital has a team of highly skilled professionals who can help you overcome your fears and challenges through patient-oriented and customized sessions.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy implies working with a specialist to improve your relationship and communication skills. If you're experiencing difficulties in your relationship, this can help you learn how to resolve them.

Family Therapy

Sometimes mental health issues can't be solved without involving your family. Genetic factors may play a role when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction and mental health problems.

Group Treatment

Communication and the feeling of belonging can heal. In group sessions, patients will share their experiences with others and learn how to cope better with their mental health issues.

Individual Treatment

The local staff provides physical, occupational, and speech therapies to patients. The one-on-one sessions allow people to overcome substance dependence, regain mobility and improve communication skills. A team of licensed therapists specializing in various areas provides services at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Summing up

JC offers many great rehabilitation options for those struggling with addiction. With a wide variety of programs available, there are those fitting everyone's needs. Be sure to research and find the right program for you or your loved one.

Take care!