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Rehabs in Ottawa

Rehabs in Ottawa

Ottawa is a province located in the state of Oklahoma. It has nearly 30,300 population. The seat is in Miami. Among the most serious problems the residents face here are increasing crime and drug usage.

The province is in 49th place in the state with the highest death rate. Almost 65% of overdose deaths are caused by substance abuse. Besides, half of the cases happened in the patients’ homes. This is because the hospitalization rate is not so intensive.

The majority of hospitalized people are between 35-44 years old. This means that teens are in the risky group of drug and alcohol usage.

The commonly used chemicals are opioids, antipsychotics, etc. So, with the rising addiction issue, the demand for quality recovery services is growing day by day. To raise awareness of substance usage dangers, we are going to speak about rehabs in Ottawa county within this article.

Addiction Treatment Process

If you or your loved one happened to have an addiction you most likely know how it is difficult to quit this disease and return to a substance-free life. Based on the dependency level, there are various ways to treat it.


The course begins with a 45-60 minute evaluation. This is held by a social worker or a counselor. Then your recovery team members will work closely to make the most effective healthcare plan based on your condition.

Medical Detox

To quit drug and alcohol usage and get medically stabilized, people should pass detox. Yet, trying to detox on their own, sufferers may meet some removal symptoms and even relapse. These symptoms usually appear from 8 to 96 hours after the therapy.

These are depression, anxiety, sweating, severe headaches, etc. So, passing the therapy under medical care will help you overcome all these side effects and approve the most effective results.

Inpatient vs Outpatient Treatment

The main rehabilitation programs are inpatient and outpatient options.

If you have a severe level of addiction, used narcotics for a long time, or suffer from multiple drug abuse then you should enter inpatient rehab. This method contains 24/7 medical care, and group and individual therapies. Also, patients have round-the-clock access to the clinic’s expert staff. This includes licensed physicians, psychotherapists, counselors, etc.

To rebuild damaged relationships and get vital support from relatives, these clinics also organize family counseling. One of the greatest facilities - Lost River, is located in Wyandotte City, OK. The contact number is (918) 303-5433.

The aftercare program is also very important to prevent relapse. Some individuals use the outpatient method for the outcome follow-up process. Those who prefer this rehab have more flexible timing. They do not have to spend the whole treatment period in a hospital.

So, they are able to continue their regular activity while attending quality courses. They dedicate just a few hours a week to a 12-step program, peer-to-peer support, etc.

Luxury Rehabs in Ottawa County

If you prioritize your personal convenience and are ready to pay a bit higher price for your recovery then entering a luxury rehab is your perfect choice. These facilities differ from common ones with the luxurious amenities and high-scale services provided.

Some of the luxury rehabs in Ottawa county are presented below:

  • Quapaw Counseling Services - offers outpatient, housing, and mentoring services. Here, experts mainly focus on methadone curing. You are able to contact them by calling (918) 238-3331 number.
  • Northeastern Oklahoma Council on Alcoholism Inc. - provides discharge planning, intensive and regular outpatient sessions, etc. You may call them by this phone number: (918) 675-4100.

Rehab Payment Options

Paying for a clinic is a real challenge for some patients. So, there are many options for people in need to cover their expenses.

Among the most common variants is insurance. Consequently, Medicaid/Medicare, Military, and Private Health assurances are accepted in most of the hospitals in this area.

You can qualify for income-based custom pricing. Also, you can get different grants and scholarships. Besides, crowdfunding is among the most common coverage methods.

All in all, quitting applying narcotics and other chemicals is crucial. Thus, there will always be an affordable clinic to help you recover as soon as possible.