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Rehabs in Pontotoc

Rehabs in Pontotoc

Pontotoc is a south-central county in the state of Oklahoma. Its population is nearly 37,500. The province seat is in Ada city. It is one of the best places to live in OK. There are lots of parks for family attractions.

Yet, like other provinces included in this state, Pontotoc also faces drug and alcohol addiction issues. It is located in 43rd place in Oklahoma with the number of overdose cases. Almost 60% of deaths occurred here are caused by dependence. 47% of them die in their houses without getting the needed intervention.

Among the commonly used chemicals are opioids and non-opioid painkillers. To help people overcome this issue there are different rehabs in Pontotoc county. So, in this article, we are going to reveal available treatment options to end up with addiction.

Options for Substance Abuse Treatment

Even though addiction cases differ depending on different factors the main steps before starting the recovery remain the same. The very first action you should complete is evaluation. This is to assess you for a certain medical condition.

The short testing process evaluates not only your current health state but also finds out mental and behavioral health diseases often caused by dependence. This refers to:

  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, etc.

So, to treat them correspondingly it is important to receive your dual diagnosis first.

The next stage is detox. Medically assisted detox helps to get rid of toxic elements with no or fewer removal symptoms.

Primary Rehab Programs

Though the mentioned steps are of high priority they alone are not a comprehensive curing plan for the addict. This is because treating addiction does not mean immediately stopping using narcotics or alcohol with different detox therapies. It is all about developing coping skills and sobriety which is possible either with inpatient or outpatient programs.

Inpatient service is crucial for those who have severe dependency levels. These patients often suffer from multiple drug abuse, relapse, and other co-occurring diseases. Otherwise, they simply can not find a secure place to reach rehabilitation. This is because of external stressors.

This method provides 24/7 medical care and support. Various helpful group and individual meetings, psychological therapies, family counseling, etc. are also presented. What is more important about the residential option is that it assists to follow the healing outcomes. The clinic’s professional staff makes the future integration plan for the patient, as well.

Outpatient on the other hand is a perfect variant for lower dependency levels. It does not consider a permanent stay in the clinic. Instead, a few visits per week will be enough to complete the program requirements. This is an effective way to maintain your daily routine and be treated at the same time.

If you seek a quality approach and care then you may contact LightHouse Behavioral Wellness Center by calling this phone number: (580) 436-2690.

Paying for Rehabs in Pontotoc County

If you face serious financial issues while covering curing costs then Chickasaw Nation Hina Chokma located in Ada town offers free detox and dependence recovery. Here is the mobile number: (580) 436-2603.

Yet, there are many other hospitals you may pay for with your insurance. The accepted types of assurance are Medicaid, Medicare, private health, and military insurance. Depending on your assurance company, your plan may cover the healing course totally or partially.

If you look for another variant, then sliding scale pricing will be a great choice. Or else, you have to apply for grants and scholarships. Also, you are able to collect the needed amount of money through fundraising.

Helping Your Teens to Enter Pontotoc County Rehabs

If your teens show their willingness to start the recovery process then you are able to accompany them to get an assessment or even visit appointments with doctors together. If they refuse rehabilitation then you should continue explaining to them the need to move to a clinic.

Family care is among the most vital factors in overcoming dependency.

Yet, if your teen is resistant to support and is not inclined to stop substance usage then you are able to force him/her to enter your chosen rehab. This is if your child is under 18. Forced rehabs are not as effective as voluntary ones.

Yet, sometimes they are the only way to give minors hand to cope with dependence.