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Rehabs in Nowata

Rehabs in Nowata

Nowata County is a small area located in Oklahoma’s northeast. Established in 1907, its population is mainly involved in agriculture and cattle raising. According to the latest census, the population is just over 10,000.

Unfortunately, a problem of addiction exists here too. The state registered 3,300 unintentional drug overdose deaths in 2016-2020. The rate in this area is between 12.3 and 17.5 per 100,000 population.

In fact, the problem is that 17.7% of locals do not have insurance here. This is a real problem when one is searching for rehabs in Nowata County. There are not many choices in the area. However, this article will help in finding the best option nearby.

Substance Abuse Issue

Substance abuse is a serious issue that affects a person’s behavior. Substances frequently abused include alcohol, narcotics, and prescription medications. This also leads to an increase in drug-related crimes. For example, in this territory, the rate is 46.3% of all arrests.

In Oklahoma most hospitalizations involve:

  • Opioids
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Non-opioid medications
  • Stimulants
  • Antidepressants

This problem also affects teens. Although drug use among teens has decreased, the statistics were alarming in 2021. Overall, 32% of 12th graders said they used illicit drugs in the past year.

Specifically, this is the reason it is important to know how to help your loved one.


Substance misuse is a complex issue. Also, it requires an individual treatment plan. Therefore, the first step is to pass the evaluation. In fact, this can be a little talk between a patient and a counselor.

Once this phase is over, a doctor determines a diagnosis. Finally, the expert offers recommendations based on this particular case.


First, bear in mind that most people need long-term care. Addiction is a chronic disease, and you cannot overcome it in several days. Such treatment usually includes behavioral therapy and medication.

The first phase may be medically assisted detox. However, detox is only one step in the process. Individuals who do not continue therapy usually resume drug use.

Anyway, detox is possible only under the supervision of medical staff. If a person stops using them abruptly, this may lead to withdrawal symptoms. They include trembling, muscle pain, depression, fatigue, and anxiety.

By getting aid in a specialized facility, you will overcome this. The therapy is usually focused on treating co-occurring mental health issues.

Services in Nowata County Rehabs

With over 150 rehabs in the state, you can search for the nearest to you. The centers offer inpatient or outpatient programs. The studies revealed that both are effective. The choice depends on the specific nature of the dependence.


In fact, inpatient care helps in more serious cases. The average length of treatment may take several months. A person stays in the facility 24/7. There can be a short residential program. It typically focuses on detox and intensive counseling.

Some centers also offer recovery housing. These facilities ensure patients’ transition to a normal life.


During the outpatient program, the patient visits a counselor on a regular schedule. This involves group and individual therapy. The first phase is getting intensive aid. A person may attend several sessions a week.

Later on, the number of sessions decreases. However, it should be regular to achieve full recovery. The advantage of such an approach is the ability to maintain a job and continue studies.

Costs and Insurance

The costs of rehabilitation centers vary. Luxury clinics charge an extra amount for high-end amenities. The length of stay and location also play a role. The price tag for an inpatient program is between $200 and $900 per day. Outpatient care starts from $100 to $500 per session.

The data shows 600-900 OK residents are in queue for the publicly funded facilities. The good news is insurance covers certain services. Medicare and Medicaid are an option for those who qualify. The clinics also accept private insurance.

Additionally, another option is to address charitable organizations. They often help people who are struggling with addiction.