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Rehabs in Seminole

Rehabs in Seminole

Seminole County is located in Oklahoma State. According to 2010 statistics, it had about 25,000 people. Wewoka is the seat and the largest city.

The county has substance abuse problems. It has the 13th-highest death rate in the state. If you want to get more information, follow this article.

Substance Abuse Statistics in Seminole County

According to 2016-2022 statistics, the division had 29 forced drug overdoses. The statistics include that 70% of males are more likely to die than females.

Also, the highest rate of death is among adults (25-54 years old). 59% of deaths are because of substance abuse.

To overcome these challenges, there are many rehabs in Seminole County.

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

An analysis is to see whether alcohol or other essences are a problem. An advisor reviews a client's story of alcohol or pills and offers advice and referrals on substance misuse cases.

The complete evaluation includes a history and evaluation of alcohol and narcotics.

Inpatient, Outpatient, and PHP Rehab


This therapy is to help in long-term rehabilitation. The time of the patient's stay varies. Visitors often stay for 30 days, based on their course. However, the facilities provide longer programs as well.


Outpatient therapy may be useful for those who can protect themselves from peer and cultural forces to take pills. People may go to work or school during this process.

The outpatient plan helps participants start creating a powerful support network for their residents.


Partial hospitalization programs last between 3 and 5 days a week for several hours each day.

The engaged service for short-term therapy is PHP. Your healing is the main goal. As a result, you reflect on the transition to a less challenging degree of care.

Rehab Centers in Seminole County

Depression Treatment | Rolling Hills Hospital

At Rolling Hills Hospital, patients obtain care that contains a range of rehabilitative activities as well as, when needed, medication management. Patients in Rolling Hills receive personal care from therapy groups.

Their treatment teams consist of a seasoned therapist as the team leader, as well as psychologists, licensed therapists, nurses, licensed nurses' aides, leisure therapists, social workers, and behavioral health technicians.

Further, they solve matters such as alcohol use, life coaching, self-harming, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and so on. Their targeted age is elders, adults, teens, and preteens.

Oklahoma Psychological Evaluations

Evaluations are proposed at Oklahoma Psychological Evaluations for a scope of psychological, mental health, and legal/forensic issues. Also, they provide pre-employment tests, personnel reviews, assessments for learning diseases, ADHD, behavioral checks, and cognitive testing for pupils who are gifted and talented or for those who have cognitive difficulties.

They specialize in tests, family conflicts, and children. They are solving issues such as chronic impulsivity, stress, life transitions, coping skills, and so on.

The treatment programs are addiction, continuing care, essence use, etc.

Rehabs With No Insurance

Many people do not attend rehabilitation because of the prices. If you obtain insurance, you can use it to cover payments. However, there is a chance for people who do not have insurance, too. The division offers free rehabs. Here you can see the list.

  • Tri-City Substance Abuse Center
  • Oklahoma Families First
  • Gateway To Prevention & Recovery
  • Lighthouse Behavioral Wellness Centers

Forcing Your Teenager Into Rehabilitation

If your teenager has an obsession, surely, it is the hardest thing to make them attend rehab. First, you have to get the best advice for your teen from an expert. Then, you have to speak with your teenager about it.

It is very hard to convince them, but you have to try. However, note that you have the right to force a teen into rehabilitation if your child is under 18.