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Rehabs in Comanche

Rehabs in Comanche

Comanche County is situated in the US state of Oklahoma. Its administrative center is in Lawton. According to the US Census of 2019, it had a population of 124,098. This number makes it the fourth-most populous region in OK. 

Being so widely populated, Comanche County is not immune to the substance abuse epidemic that can be seen in the rest of the state and the US. Statistics talk about serious outcomes that can be caused by addiction. So, according to the County Health Rankings and Roadmaps report, between 2015 and 2017, there were 52 drug overdose deaths in the region. 

Drug and alcohol rehabs in Comanche County, Oklahoma provide support to those who are in need. These centers have personalized recovery sessions tailored to each patient’s unique circumstances. 

Available Treatment Options

The number of people that are suffering from drug abuse is increasing day by day. The state of Oklahoma is in second place in the US for its residents with substance abuse disorders. Thus, since 2004, Oklahoma enormously exceeded the national standard of substance abuse cases. It invested more than $37 million to battle addiction by establishing drug and alcohol rehabs in Comanche County, Oklahoma. 

The region has:

  • 22 drug and alcohol hubs within 75 miles of the city center 
  • 15 inpatient and 60 outpatient healing centers within 100 miles of the city center 
  • 4 women only and 6 men only clinics nearby 

Consequently, those seeking recoveries have a wide variety of choices at their disposal. These facilities work with the individuals to break free from substance use. 


Like any other disease, addiction also needs appropriate professional supervision. Thus, the first stage of treatment is usually detox. This procedure ensures the safe removal of toxic substances from the addict’s body. The procedure of detox usually attracts painful withdrawal symptoms. So, no one can pass it without the assistance of qualified doctors. 

Inpatient Program

This type of care is also termed a residential treatment. It provides 24-hour care. That is to say, it usually handles addicts with a severe and long history of dependence. Moreover, their programs include a 12-step recovery plan, individual and group therapies, yoga, etc. The safe and healthy environment of these hubs ensures effective physical and physiological healing of the addicts. 

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) 

PHPs allow patients to receive therapy during the day and return to their homes at night. They have the same programs as inpatient treatment facilities, but they assume more flexibility. 


The patients that are attending outpatient care are free to conduct their daily routines such as work and school. This type of therapy is for mild levels of addiction or for those who have already undergone inpatient treatment. Patients visit the hub 3-4 times a week and spend several hours there. 


The journey towards recovery is not easy. So, rehabs always have aftercare sessions that help individuals to stay motivated and sober. Aftercare consists of meetings and educational programs. 

How To Force a Teen Into Rehab? 

The problem of misusing substances by teens has serious impacts on the health of society. Sometimes, they don’t understand that they are addicted or refuse to receive medical help. So, the parents of teens have the legal right to force them into hubs. 


The treatment options in the Comanche region also vary in terms of costs. That is to say, some clinics offer specialized amenities while others have a more common form of services. So, it is important to check the financial means you have and your insurance limit.

Insurance companies may provide full or partial coverage. Moreover, you can apply for Medicaid and Medicare. There are also state-funded facilities that provide free or low-cost therapies. Addicts can use flexible financing, scholarships, and loans. 

Addiction Treatment Centers Near Me 

Comanche Nation Prevention and Recovery

8501 NW Madische Rd
Lawton, OK - 73507
(580) 492-3614

Multi County Counseling Inc/Lawton

1719 Southwest 11th Street
Lawton, OK - 73501
(580) 581-1818

Southern Oklahoma Treatment Services

1307 Southwest Washington Avenue
Lawton, OK - 73501
(580) 355-7500

Life Management Counseling Clinic Consulting Inc

601 Southwest C Avenue
Lawton, OK - 73501
(580) 351-1188