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Rehabs in Cleveland

Rehabs in Cleveland

Cleveland County is a province in the central portion of the US, state of Oklahoma. It is part of the OK City Metropolitan Statistical Area. Its administrative center is in Norman. According to the 2020 US Census, the county had a population of 295,528. Consequently, it is the third-most populous region in OK. 

This region faces the dreadful effects of the drug epidemic. According to the County Health Rankings and Roadmaps Report, between 2015 and 2017, there were 59 drug overdose cases (per 100,000 residents) with deadly outcomes. From 2013 to 2017, there were 29 deaths caused by alcohol-impaired driving. 

To build a strong and healthy society, the state established several drug and alcohol rehabs in Cleveland County, Oklahoma. 

Read on to get info on the spheres of their operation. Moreover, find the treatment that best suits your needs. 

Available Treatment Options 

Rehabs in Cleveland County, Oklahoma are providing effective service to those who are in need. Their programs are either inpatient or outpatient. They also offer substance abuse evaluation and detox sessions. To achieve effective recovery, one should pass through all stages of the healing procedure. 

Substance Abuse Evaluation 

Before starting any type of therapy, it is vital to apply for an evaluation. This explores the history of the addiction through a special questionnaire and screening. So, it reveals if there is an addiction and to what extent. 

Moreover, qualified professionals create special treatment plans. Through the plan, it is also easier to find suitable rehab for further recovery. Besides, it gives the best opportunities to achieve lasting recovery. 


In the process of detox, medical supervision has vital importance. That is to say, detox causes unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that a person can’t manage alone. Detox ensures the safe removal of the toxins from the body and builds confidence at the beginning of the treatment. 

Inpatient Program 

People with severe and long-lasting addictions have to receive treatment at inpatient or residential care centers. The latter offers a 12-step healing plan, group or individual counseling, aftercare, etc. 

Patients have to stay at the center under round-the-clock medical supervision.  This type of program may last from four weeks to several months. However, it is one of the effective ways of overcoming dependency. Consequently, it has higher prices, as it offers a wide range of services as well. 


Patients with a mild level of addiction, or those who have already passed inpatient therapy may attend an outpatient care program. It has the same components as residential treatment. However, it does not require the patient’s stay at the hub. They only have to visit the hub 5-6 times a week and spend several hours there. After completing the session, they are going to their homes. 


Each rehab in Cleveland County, OK has its financial policy. Generally, they accept private insurance plans. Talk to your insurance agency to know if it provides full or partial coverage. It is also possible to apply for Medicaid or Medicare. Besides, some hubs receive state financing. Their services are free or low-cost. Other types of financing, such as scholarships, loans, or financing, are also acceptable. 

The main factors that influence the cost of the treatment are the type and duration of the program, used medicines, offered amenities, and so on. Thus, the cost of the therapy at luxury rehab may start from $15,000 and reach $60,000.

How To Force A Teen Into Rehab? 

Teens under the age of 18 are using drugs and alcohol without realizing their dependency. So, sometimes they reject entering rehab. To help the addicted teen, a parent or legal guardian has a right to force him/her into rehab. Therapy will keep the teen from losing the most precious things in life.

Available Treatment Centers Near Me

Children’s Recovery Center of Oklahoma

320 12th Avenue Northeast
Norman, OK - 73071
(405) 573-3821

Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center Oklahoma City

2041 NW 7th St
Oklahoma City, OK - 73106
(405) 236-3677

Mission Treatment Centers Inc

1737 Linwood Boulevard
Oklahoma City, OK - 73106
(405) 353-9876

Jesus House

1335 West Sheridan Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK - 73106
(405) 232-7164

A Chance to Change Foundation

5228 Classen Circle
Oklahoma City, OK - 73118
(405) 840-9000

Youth Care of Oklahoma

222 East Sheridan
Oklahoma City, OK - 73104
(866) 926-6552